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EYFO Alumni Accomplishments Since 2001

EYFO Additional Accomplishments

EYFO Alumni

EYFO provides intentional guidance to our students during their time with us. We are proud of our results! Have you ever wondered what happens when a student leaves EYFO? Wonder no more. Click here to see where some of our students went!


  • Awarded 20 college scholarships
  • Served over 4,000 youth since 2002
  • Coached over 1,000 athletes in basketball and track
  • Hired and taught over 100 Junior/High School  students in intern positions where they learned leadership development and training
  • Trained 100's of youth with Character Building and Resiliency traits through our yearly “Empowering the Next Generation “conferences and overnight camps


  • Led 100’s of youth in services including creating yearly free clothing drives for families in the community, along with feeding, providing goods including toiletries  to the homeless
  • Partnered with “Vision of Togetherness Ministries” to provide pen pals and sponsor children attending school in Kampala, Uganda

Service Trips

  • Traveled to Belize with 9 clients to serve at an orphanage
  • Traveled with 65 youth to Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC for educational trips and college tours
  • Traveled to San Francisco, Marin Food Bank to serve with 8 youth in service-learning
  • Traveled with 40 clients to Los Angeles, California to serve at the Los Angeles Dream Center Learning


  • Our youth has participated in two educational programs at the University of Washington, Doctor for A Day and the Law Academy
  • Trained over 100 parents with parenting skills in our “Strengthening the Family” parenting workshops

Experiential and Athletic

  • Taken youth on memorable trips such as Disneyland, LegoLand, SeaWorld, Holy Land, Universal Studios, SilverWood theme parks, Great Wolf Lodge, Seaside Oregon, Warm Beach Camp, and Black Lake Camp
  • Traveled with over 480 youths to participating in:
    • USATF Track and Field
    • Junior Olympics
    • Hershey Track and Field meet, including: Indianapolis IN, Baltimore MD, Eugene OR, Kansas City KS, Omaha NE, Spokane WA, Miami FL, Sacramento CA, Los Angeles CA, Reno, NV, Greensboro NC, Houston TX and Hershey PA.