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EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs Training Program

The youth operate an online store EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs where they sell their products. Other ways they sell and market their products are by attending events in the community. The profits of sales are deposited into the participants’ personal bank accounts that will serve as a nest egg when they launch into adulthood following high school.  The participants also donate 10% of their earnings to the charity of their choice.

Empowering Youth & Families Outreach provides tools for our youth to succeed. One of those tools is in the area of finance by teaching:

·       How to start and run their own businesses.

·       Guidance on creating and marketing their creations. Please check out their TicTok page to see them at work

·       Basic graphic design to assist them in their ability to design marketable products.

·       Skillset to leverage the American economic system leading them to a path of self-sufficiency.

We achieve the goal of self-sufficiency by bringing in business professionals to educate on various business concepts such as sales & marketing, writing a business plan, production, and financial management.

We also provide them with their own equipment to allow them to produce their products at home.