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Do you want to be actively involved in EYFO programming? You’re in luck!  Volunteers are integral to our work at Empowering Youth & Families Outreach and are welcomed year-round.

Here are some ways you can volunteer!

  • Intern
  • Provide IT Support
  • Chaperone a field trip
  • Join our fundraising team
  • Provide Marketing/Media support
  • Teach a new song or lead a group game
  • Volunteer Guest Speakers

    Share your career

  • Lead a choice class

    DIY, Computer, Sports, Art, Drama, Coding, Photography etc.

  • Help during academics

    Get matched with a student to mentor/tutor

  • Lead a project or STEM based lesson

    Science Technology, Engineering, Math

  • Share what you do on Career day

    held every Monday during the summer

  • Special Events - Community Outreach

    Service learning projects: Feed the homeless, free clothing drive, carnival, parenting workshop etc.

You can also suggest another way to contribute, depending on your skill set and interests with other needs you may be able to meet such as administrative assistance, outreach and advertising, event planning, etc.

To get started, please complete and submit the information form below.

Contact Information
Additional Details
(parent, sibling, community member, etc)
(regular, one-time)
Days Available
Enter a range of work hours per week