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GiveBIG Washington 2022 Results

We are so grateful for your support, donors, and community partners. You consistently impact the lives of our students and their parents. Your donation to our GiveBig Washington 2022 resulted in your giving over $30,000 towards our building campaign for our new facility and our College and Career Readiness Scholarship fund.

Your gifts provided scholarships for five outstanding students in our College and Career Readiness. Program (COP). Four of the five winners shared the following about the program’s impact on their lives.

Simya Gibson

“This program has had a huge impact on me and my college planning journey. Through this program, I have learned about many things, including scholarships, college applications, loans, and how to be a successful student and person overall. I know this has contributed to my growth and development because looking back on myself before this program, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about my life after high school to now being accepted into every college I’ve applied to and knowing exactly what I want to do in the future.”  Because of your support, Simya received a $5,000 Scholarship. She will attend Jackson State University in the fall of 2022.

Trishaunie Lewis

Trishaunie will be a first-generation college student. She shared that “EYFO has had an impact on her life because of the introduction of things she did not know about such as money management, breaking down a plan on how to get to college at a low cost, and most importantly helping to execute that plan…. Trishaunie “now deems a college education essential” due to her involvement with the program.  Because of your support, Trishaunie received a $4000 scholarship to the University of Washington.

Marisa Johnson

Marisa shared, “This program (College and Career Readiness) has impacted my life. This whole college experience has been a huge process from not knowing what to do or where to start”. This program has been there “to help us willingly and has been a huge help. It has helped me to be more independent, like meeting deadlines and reaching out to the schools to get questions answered. I’m so grateful for the COP program.”  Because of your support, Marisa received a $3000 scholarship to the University of Washington.

Sosna Biniam

“This program has taught me the importance of self-reflection, accountability, independence, and responsibility… it also taught me the importance of getting ahead of your work, holding yourself responsible, and managing your time. I value the Saturday monthly sessions, as it is a chance for me to reflect on what is going well in my life and what I could use support from the Program Manager, Taylor Shoecraft. “  Because of your support, Sosna received a $3000 scholarship to Yale University.

Sefu Jeffries

Through COP, Sefu learned about “the importance of financial literacy. I received information on the importance of college scholarships to pay for tuition and not be in debt.  How the COP program contributed to my growth and development as a person is to follow your dreams, develop communication skills, be persistent, and walk boldly with your gifts”.  Because of your support, Sefu received a $3000 scholarship to Bellevue College.


What is GiveBIG? What is Washington Gives?

GiveBIG is a statewide fundraising campaign.  Washington Gives an online giving platform that helps individuals, groups, and businesses discover and donate to nonprofits headquartered or serving Washington State.

Each year Washington Gives hosts two fundraising campaigns that EYFO participates in:

  • GiveBIG: A Washington-focused campaign that kicked off April 19 and culminated on May 3-4!
  • GivingTuesday: An international campaign that is always on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving.