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EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs Program

EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs cultivate the entrepreneurial leadership skills of underserved middle & high school-aged youth by providing hands on experience operating an art-based business. Through the Youth in Business (YIB) design collective, youth are taught how to run a successful business as a team, selling art products and clothing created by them.

·       EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs receive financial sustainability as business owners.
·       EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs are engaged and taught leadership development.
·       EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs are provided with career and higher education planning.
·       EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs are given tools to promote economic independence. 


EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs must live in King County and have an interest in art and running their own business including:

·       Agreeing to manage their social media account.
·       Agree to open up a bank account with Verity Credit Union.
·       Agree to meeting twice a week or more to create content and manage their store.
·       Commit to taking financial literacy classes taught by our partner Verity Credit Union.

Supporting Activities

Verity Credit Union
·       EYFO YouthEntrepreneurs open bank accounts at Verity Credit Union.
·       Financial management is taught to students/families once a quarter.

·       EYFO meets with students twice a week or as needed to complete orders.
·       Twice a year, students attend a 2-day retreat, learning the basics of running a 

Parental/Mentor Involvement
Parents and or mentor supports the student’s efforts by:
·       Assisting with marketing
·       Participate and attend monthly meetings
·       Support students at vendor events

Other Activities
·       Quarterly retreats and training for the students and their parents/mentors.
·       EYFO will purchase and provide supplies for students to create goods to sell.
·       EYFO provides an Etsy Store to sell their merchandise
·       EYFO trains them on how to maintain and update content on Etsy.